Macbeth rehearsals 2014

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Macbeth does not stand a chance against this bunch of well hard dudes
Heads I win, tails you lose. Macbeth and Duncan gambling
The over-worked prompt looks on despairingly. Those knives could come in handy
The Lords enjoy a hand of whist with an unhealthy looking Banquo
MacDuff does not find the Porter's jokes very funny
Macbeth looking like a slim version of Brian Blessed
Three witches studying an Elizabethan polyurethane pot
Two other witches are equally impressed with the aforementioned pot
MacDuff is a little jealous of Malcolm's whiter than white, frilly shirt
Lady Macbeth dreaming of being queen
Witch 2 has made a lovely cape from her living room curtains
Seyton taking a rest from doing the gardening
The Witches have cast a spell on the Porter
Macbeth has an accident with a pot of raspberry jam
SPOILER ALERT - Mrs MacDuff and her pretty chickens - it does not end well...!
Almost everyone marvelling at the polyurethane pot
Random people doing a poor imitation of Munch's 'The Scream'
Ross is not convinced by Lennox's scarlet onesie
The Doctor with her large, A4 sized book of prescriptions
The Lords do not fancy lining up in the wall for Lionel Messi's free kick
Two witches are not sure if they can trust the Lords with Macbeth's best silverware
Fleance is about to stab his foot with Banquo's sword
Murderer 1 explains to Macbeth, that killing one out of two is not a bad result
Mr and Mrs Macbeth are not impressed with the Lords' card school

Photos courtesy of Anna Hicks and Gina Manners