Past Productions


Friday, 18th July Nicholson Gardens, Gosport
Saturday, 19th July Hill House Farm, Swanmore
Sunday, 20th July Curdridge Primary School
Wednesday, 23rd - Saturday, 26th July c17th Village, Little Woodham, Gosport
Sunday 27th, July Chilworth Village Green

Duncan, King of Scotland, and Duncan's Ghost
Paul Shuttleworth
Malcolm, Duncan's son Philip Hollyman
Donalbain, Duncan's daughter Gina Felce
Macbeth, Thane of Glamis, then Cawdor, later King of Scotland Rob Spraggs
The Porter Ted Fitzgerald
Lady Macbeth, later, Queen of Scotland Charlotte Fitzgerald
Bloody Sergeant Nigel Dean
Banquo, a Scottish Thane, and Banquo's Ghost Trevor Page
Fleance, Banquo's son James Page
Macduff, the Thane of Fife Rick Reid
Lady Macduff Annette Gillies
Children of Lady Macduff Gabriel Goulding, Jessica Adolpho-Pugh
Ross, a Thane Ian Wright
Mentieth, a Thane Daniel Johns
Seyward, Earl of Northumberland Nigel Dean
Young Seyward, his son Sean Kimber
Murderer 1
Graham Thomas
Murderer 2 John Shillitoe
Seyton, Macbeth's loyal manservant Brian Dell
Lords Sean Kimber, Mark Baines
Waiting and Watching Women Sharon Dewar, Anna Hicks, Sarah MacKinnon, Joan Goulding, Glyn Wright and Charlene Lomas

Director Carol Hicks
Supported and encouraged by Austin Hicks, Rebecca Bartlett and Glyn Wright
Prompt Jill Mason
Music supplied by 'The Little Woodham Symphony Orchestra'
John Shillitoe, Ted Fitzgerald, Graham Thomas and Pat Aird
Wardrobe Mistress Glyn Wright
Costumes Rebecca White, Charlene Lomas and Rob Spraggs
Special mention
Andy White (for holding all the hangers)
Lighting for The Village Phil Nettleton

Click for photographs of the cast taken during rehearsal. Photos taken during the production run can be seen here.


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