Past Productions

From the Director's Chair

This isn't one of Shakespeare's most popular plays - indeed, it's not one of his best - but I was sure that we could have a lot of fun with this, and that the audiences would find something enjoyable in it as well.  Rehearsals were often an exercise in experimentation, with everyone contributing ideas and jokes, many of which made it to the final production.  It's at times like that that you feel you're getting close to the spirit of Shakespeare's original company.

This year's production seemed to have its fair share of hurdles to clear - actors getting injured, the generator that powers our lighting going missing, and saturation coverage of Shakespeare in the area!  However, we overcame everything in our way, and our audiences were very positive in their response.  Thanks, everyone, for a memorable year!

July 20th Holly Cottage, Funtley
July 21st-22nd Wickham Vineyard
July 23rd-27th Little Woodham
July 28th Binstead Hall, Ryde, Isle of Wight
July 29th Titchfield Abbey, Fareham

Duke of Milan Nigel Dean
Silvia, his daughter Sally Evans
Proteus Mark Wright
Launce James Doyle
Valentine Ian Wheeler
Speed Ian Wright
Thurio Gavyn Sheffield
Antonia Glyn Wright
Panthina Laura Barker
Julia Katherine Kavanagh
Lucetta Jo Parsons
Hostess Sarah Bullman
Eglamour David Press
Outlaws Emily Wright, Glyn Wright, Jude Dineen
Servant Emily Wright
Singer Alexia Daniels
Crab, the Dog Jacko

Director James Doyle
Stage Management Austin Hicks, Nigel Dean

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