Past Productions

July 17th-22nd Little Woodham

Prince Escalus Blair Aitken
Mercutio James Doyle
Paris Mark Wright
Page to Count Paris David Wright
Montague Tom Start
Lady Montague Sarah Bullman
Romeo Rob Bartlett
Benvolio Nigel Dean
Gregory, Balthasar Jane Press
Capulet Dave Press
Lady Capulet Diane Wright
Juliet Abigail Lloyd
Tybalt Mark Wright
Page to Tybalt,
3rd Watchman
Rob Spraggs
Nurse Judith Hallows
Peter, Sampson, 2nd Watchman Owen Rowe
Abram, Friar Lawrence Ian Wright
Friar John James Doyle
2nd Chorus, 1st Watchman Glyn Wright

Director Austin Hicks
Assistant Director Glyn Wright
Props Sarah Bullman
Carpentry Trevor Bullman
Costumes Jean Bowyer, Kate Strong, Mel Doyle, Phyllis Brading

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