Tempest rehearsals 2015

The Tempest 2015 rehearsals

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The Ariels check the Operations Manual for Prospero's big staff
Caliban (who knows his lines) acts as a prompt for Trinculo and Stephano
Trinculo, Gonzalo and Sebastienne work on their non-verbal communications skills
Ceres, Juno and Antonia have a chuckle over Propsero's big staff
Stephano and Trinulo pretend that they have not noticed that Caliban is still wearing his cricket pads
The Prompt, Sebastienne and muso Pat know that come opening night, it will be lashing down with rain
The Director makes a point about learning lines - Juno and the master look suitably chastened
The Ariels admire Prospero's big staff
Miranda does not think much of Ferdinand's idea of a romantic picnic
Ceres, Juno and Iris demonstrate what "no books" means to the Sprites. Miranda and Ferdinand look on smugly
Prospero wondering which of the Ariels to going to give him his cue. Nobody else is any the wiser
21st century sprites check their lines from an iPad

Photos by John Shillitoe