As You Like It

Taming of the Shrew

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The musos shelter from the sun - it was rain last year
Bianca stumbles after Baptista treads on her foot
Trista wonders if she is really Tranio
Veronica tries to explain why she is wearing a wrist watch
The Prompt promptly nods off
Kate lecturing the assembled masses
Sly asks to be excused
The Lady is not pleased when the Duke strolls in from the piazza
You can see why Sly fancies Bartholomew
Baptista cannot believe where Vincentio plans to stick his stick
The Messenger reads the wine list to Sly
Baptista and Emilia are not amused
In spite of appearances, Petruchio is able to read
Hortensio plays a mean air lute
Ahhh ... two lovely serving wenches
The Widow, Emilia, Baptisita and Bianca do not fancy the look of the feast
Kate ranting on as usual
Emilia wonders if Petruchio has ironed his jacket
A screenshot from the Elizabethan Google StreetView
Grumio does not think any of the suitors would get into the Liverpool starting eleven
Veronica watches Biondella and Trista playing paper, scissors, stone
Hortensio cannot watch as Kate and Petruchio have a row
The bully Vincentio beats seven bells out of little Biondella - the brute
Bianca helps Lucentio with remedial Italian A tableau stolen by Leonado da Vinci Lucentio tells Biondella about his indigestion Gremio confuses Hortensio - not difficult
Petruchio explains the hokey-cokey to Grumio The Hostess is shocked to see that Sly has been run over by a table Bianca and Kate in a bit of girl on girl bondage action Petruchio and a servant play volleyball with dinner
Veronica seems to have forgotten the drinks tray The Tailor and Grumio play peek-a-boo Lucentio seems to have chewing gum stuck on his fingers Assistant Director props up the street sign - or vice versa

Photos courtesy of Anna Hicks and Gina Manners

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