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Taming of the Shrew

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Heavy metal ukulele from Hortensio
Kate beating up Grumio - big wuss
Bianca checks her shopping list
Kate about to give Petruchio and elbow below the belt
Petruchio fondles Kate's assets Biondella trying to explain the plot The Haberdasher cannot believe that Petruchio does not like her hat Servants bringing in some plastic looking food
Petruchio has a go at looking like Johnny Depp
Servants cowering from Petruchio
Kate's Mum presumably uses Persil
The servant makes the feast look even less convincing
Lucentio showing Bianca his Observers Book of Trains
Grumio about attempt the 'clean and jerk' using his ears
Curtis suffering ear-ache from the interminable Grumio
Baptista practices his sinister look for his adoring wife
Veronica, the Pedant brooks no argument
Still more cowering by the serving types
The servants take a kicking from Petruchio
Trista has mastered the cunning plot
The Musos storm the stage
Biondella back from her audition for The Sound of Music
Hortensio shows Emilia how his lute hair dryer works
Baptista's wife prefers his benign and lordly look
Servants laden down with appetizing looking food Petruchio demonstrates plate juggling to Kate Sly's missus showing off her assets Petruchio and Kate are impressed with Vincentio's outfit
Sly showing the Tapster how not to do limbo dancing Kate telling the Widow how to treat Hortensio Grumio does not like the tailors curtain material The Lord has given Bartholomew a dose of indigestion
Perplexity personified by Vincentio Emelia admiring Petruchio's cod piece Kate still telling the Widow how to treat Hortensio Sly tripping over a twig, watched by the Tapster
The premanently perplexed Vincentio Vincentio harangues the masses Kate waxing lyrical on anti-feminism Petruchio and Hortensio compare sartorial notes
Bianca and Kate fight over a stick of Padua rock The Lord shares Sly's reservations about his wife Sly giving a horizontal tour de force Gremio is happy tha the cast have learnt their lines - at last

Photos courtesy of Elspeth White

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