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Jude Dineen (Bianca) writes about her debut with the Villagers:

The first meeting that I attended of the Villagers was a step nearer to fame for me, as for 10 consecutive years I had watched the previous plays, and was now honoured to be in the same room as the stars of these productions!  I was immediately welcomed as a new member, although the 'uplifting' costume I wore for the play probably had something to do with this enthusiasm!  Once we chose Othello and the parts were distributed, I was originally the clown, but then 'promoted' to playing Bianca, the local floozy.  For months the same jokes regarding type casts were dished out, but because everyone was so friendly, I took the mick right back!  The best part about being an open air drama group, is the settings we use.  The village was quiet and its small size concentrated the emotion into a small space.  This was vital for Othello, as the development of his character happened close to the audience, maintaining a relationship with the viewers.  The intensity created was overwhelming, and rehearsal after rehearsal, I cried at the final, moving scene, so brilliantly performed in an ideal location.

Othello was a good play for me to begin acting with the Villagers in, as it had both humour and tragedy.  However, I maintain that the best part was the celebration afterwards... yet the faces of everyone in the morning, was a tragedy in itself!

July 16th Holly Cottage, Funtley
July 17th-18th Wickham Vineyard
July 19th-23rd Little Woodham
July 24th Binstead Hall, Ryde, Isle of Wight

Othello James Doyle
Desdemona Anna Hicks
Cassio Mark Wright
Iago Ian Wright
Emilia Katherine Kavanagh
Bianca Jude Dineen
Roderigo Dave Press
Duke of Venice Stefan Charidge
Brabantio Nigel Dean
Gratiana Sarah Bullman
Lodovico Rob Spraggs
Montano Pippa Coghlan
Gentleman Jane Press
Senator Owen Rowe
Messenger Emily Wright
Messengers Sarah Bullman, Emily Wright
Soldiers & Attendants Daniel Coghlan, Sophie Coghlan, Stefan Charidge, Nigel Dean

Director Glyn Wright
Assistant Director Owen Rowe
Costumes Abigail Lloyd
Stage Management David Wright, Austin Hicks

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