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Our first cast, as pictured in The News

From the Stage Door

James Doyle (Theseus) writes about his debut with the Villagers:

Although I have always loved Shakespeare, this was the first play I had ever been involved in.  I went along to work backstage, and before I knew where I was, I was playing Theseus!  I still look back and wonder how that happened - I suspect Glyn had something to do with it.  Little did I know that fifteen years on I would still be acting with many of the same people, who by now have become fast friends.

The group was a mix of experienced amateur actors and friends who, like me, had been dragged in kicking and screaming.  From the start there was a good atmosphere about the production, with everyone enjoying themselves as much as possible.  There was a great deal of chaos, as we sorted out costumes, venues and props - we even had to put an appeal out in the newspaper for an ass's head for Bottom!

The rehearsals passed very quickly, and to our amazement we got an audience!  I have to admit to being terrified before going out on stage, but I got through it, and everyone else did brilliantly.  The enthusiastic applause at the end was fantastic - this was a buzz I never knew existed, and I was instantly hooked.  Looking back on it now, I'm glad I was so ignorant at first, as I just got on with it, and wasn't put off by the thought of what could go wrong, or what I could do differently.  I'm a better actor now, but I think that nothing could match the feeling of that first night reaction, and knowing we had sent a group of people home happy.

August 9th, 12th-16th Little Woodham

Theseus James Doyle
Hippolyta Angela Cadman
Egeus Roy Syms
Hermia Julie Crawford
Lysander Ian Wright
Demetrius Blyth Crawford
Helena Carol Hicks
Philostrate Rachel Strong
Peter Quince Christopher Fry
Nick Bottom Nigel Dean
Francis Flute Paul Pridmore
Snug Austin Hicks
Robin Starveling Nick Jarman
Oberon Morley Alexander
Titania Glyn Wright
Puck Mark Quigley
Fairies Antonia Quigley, Lucy Thompson, Victoria Clemo, Annabel Harden, Rachel O'Brien

Director Sue Musselwhite
Costumes Jean Bowyer
Stage Management Christian Cadman, John Foster

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