Past Productions

Midsummer Night's Dream

July 14th  Holly Cottage, Funtley
July 15th Binstead Hall, Ryde, Isle of Wight
July 16th  Roman Palace, Fishbourne
July 19th - 21st  Little Woodham, 17th century village, Gosport
July 22nd Jervis Lodge, Upper Swanmore
July 23rd  Wickham Vineyard

Theseus James Doyle
Hippolyta Carol Hicks
Egeus Ted Fitzgerald
Hermia Charlotte O'Toole
Lysander Reuben Smith
Demetrius Toby Beale
Helena Emily Wright
Philostrate Glyn Wright
Peter Quince Daniel Turner
Tom Snout David Bell
Nick Bottom Nigel Dean
Francis Flute Alex O'Toole
Snug Austin Hicks
Robin Starveling Suzanne Shuttleworth
Oberon Ian Wright
Titania Teresa Murphy
Puck Rob Spraggs
Peaseblossom Kate Shuttleworth
Cobweb Anna Hicks
Moth Kathleen Hedger
Mustardseed Chloe Shuttleworth
Changeling Child Zachery Hedger
Faeries Josh Hedger, Robert Hicks

Director Glyn Wright
Assistant Director James Doyle
Costumes Jo Hedger, Carol Hicks, Phil Brading & Maxeen
Choreography Emily Wright
Musicians John Shillitoe, Graham Thomas, Melanie Doyle & Chloe Shuttleworth 
Musical Director Ted Fitzgerald
Sound and Lighting Austin Hicks

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