Past Productions

July 22nd-27th Little Woodham

Duke of Venice Dominic Kenney
Prince of Morocco Dominic Kenney
Prince of Arragon Mark Wright
Antonio Ian Tovey
Bassanio Tim Stokes
Portia Carol Hicks
Shylock Nigel Dean
Gratiano Dave Press
Salerio Ian Leckenby
Lorenzo James Doyle
Nerissa Sarah Bullman
Jessica Diane Wright
Tubal Dominic Kenney
Margaret Glyn Wright
Stephano Mark Wright
Attendant to Prince of Arragon David Wright
Launcelot Gobbo Ian Wright
Old Gobbo Jenny Trayfoot
Magnificoes of Venice, Officers, a Gaoler, Servants and Attendants
Ceri Harms, Austin Cleary, Glyn Wright, Ian Leckenby
Musicians Helen Clark, Lorna Wickwar

Director Austin Hicks
Costumes Jean Bowyer, Kate Strong
Stage Management Trevor Bullman
Music Director Avril Clark

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