You've found the Villagers, but there are many other resources out there on the web that we think might prove interesting to you.  Of course, everything will look pale in comparison to this site, but they're still worth a look.  Take a look, tell them we sent you, but be sure to come back here soon!

Living History

The Gosport Living History Society
The Living History Society run and maintain the Village where we perform.  There are more details on our Little Woodham page, or you can go and check out their own website.


The Southsea Shakespeare Actors
The SSA have a long and honourable history staging Shakespeare and other dramatists in Portsmouth.  Several members of the Villagers have performed with the SSA over the years, and SSA members have also been known to cross Portsmouth Harbour to take part in Villagers' productions.  Their website does a far better job of telling you how good they are than we could, so check them out!


Portsmouth Amateur Diary
The Portsmouth area has an incredible array of drama groups who put on a wide range of theatrical productions all year round.  The PAD brings all those groups together, providing an invaluable service to theatregoer and actor alike.


UK Theatre Web
The Theatre Web features a full range of Professional and Amateur Performing Arts throughout the United Kingdom.  Venues, productions, groups, they're all here.   Book tickets, make enquiries or just browse - the range is breathtaking.


Amateur Theatre Network
The Amateur Theatre Network provides a home on the net for many Amateur Drama Groups.   We all need audiences, so get out there and support each other!

Not a website, but a newsgroup, which your news server should offer (and if not, why not?.   Known as HLAS to its devotees, much of the content is devoted to the discussion of the 'authorship' question.  Oxfordians, Marlovians, Baconians, even Stratfordians, all strut their hour upon the stage of HLAS - some of it is even quite entertaining.
In amongst all that, you will find serious discussions about individual plays and sonnets, questions and answers about lines, characters, plot devices, and all the myriad details that go to make up Shakespeare's work.  Drop in and watch for a while - you may never leave...

The buttons on this site come courtesy of dancingmouse.com, an excellent web resource if you're developing your own website.  I found it via www.free-bee.net, a great central point from which to start looking for web resources.
The photos for the 1999 & 2000 productions were taken by John Page at Wickham with an Agfa ES1280 digital camera. More of John's photos with this camera can be seen at the Hayling Island Amateur Dramatic Society website. Many thanks for your wonderful contribution, John.  See you next year!

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