Past Productions

July 16th Holly Cottage, Funtley
July 17th Binstead Hall, Ryde, Isle of Wight
July 21st-23rd Little Woodham
July 24th Palatine School, Worthing
July 25th Wickham Vineyard

Theseus, Duke of Athens Nigel Dean
Hippolyta Carol Hicks
Emilia Sally Evans
Pirithous Austin Hicks
Palamon James Doyle
Arcite Ian Wright
Artesius Ryan Stagg
Three Widowed Queens Anna Green, Janes Press, Catherine Bradshaw
Valerius Andy McCullogh
Gentlewoman to Emilia Glyn Wright
Jailer Dave Press
Jailer's Daughter Pippa Wright
Jailer's Brother Andy McCullogh
Wooer Neil McCullogh
Three Friends Ryan Stagg, Emily Wright, Anna Hicks
Doctor Rob Spraggs
Four Countrymen Neil McCullogh, Andy McCullogh, Rob Spraggs, Alex O'Toole
Schoolmaster Mark Wright
Nell Glyn Wright
Three Country Wenches Anna Green, Janes Press, Catherine Bradshaw
Baboon Dave Press
Timothy the Tabourer Andrew Gray
Mars Andrew Gray
Venus Anna Green
Priestesses Emily Wright, Anna Hicks
Attendants, Maids, Guards Emily Wright, Anna Hicks, Robert Hicks, Freya Press and Lugh Wright

Director Mark Wright
Costumes Veronica Robbins, Pamela McCullen, Jane Press, Phyl Brading & Barbara Martin
Props Sarah Gray
Prompt Veronica Robbins
Sound and Lighting Mark Wright and Austin Hicks

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