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From the Director's Chair

Comedy dates fast.  It's a fact.  Just try watching an old seventies sitcom and sit there as references that have the audience hooting like gibbons on nitrous oxide leave you glacially cold.  So imagine the problem when the comedy is four hundred years old.

Fortunately, good comedy doesn't rely on topic references - it's about character and situation, and that's why I picked Comedy of Errors as my first (and hopefully not last) play directed for the Villagers.  It's a Comedy Engine, pure plot and pure farce.  Act One Scene One is necessary exposition, then roll on Scene Two and whoosh, we're away .  Two sets of twins, unaware of one another's existence, creating confusion as mistaken identity collides with disadvantageous situation to create a riot of comedy.

I was luckily graced with a strong and experienced cast who exemplified what, to me, is the Villagers chief virtue - the simple ability, without much in the way of props and nothing in the way of technical backup, to adapt and perform in whatever space is available.  It's all jazz and the Villagers can play.

Maybe not one of Shakespeare's most poetic plays, but I like it.  We made a lot of people laugh a lot and had a good time about it ourselves.  And once again I want to apologise to Ian Wright for any damage to his knuckles during our fight scene.

July 21st Holly Cottage, Funtley
July 22nd-23rd Wickham Vineyard
July 24th-28th Little Woodham
July 29th Binstead Hall, Ryde, Isle of Wight

Solinus, Duke of Ephesus Stefan Charidge
Egeon Nigel Dean
Antipholus of Syracuse Ian Wright
Antipholus of Ephesus James Doyle
Dromio of Syracuse Mark Wright
Dromio of Ephesus Gavyn Sheffield
Adriana Sally Evans
Luciana Laura Barker
Nell Sarah Bullman
Balthazar Ian Wheeler
Angelo Jo Parsons
Dr Pinch Glyn Wright
Abbess Ruvena Wilhelmy (July 22nd-26th, 29th)
Alexia Daniels (July 27th-28th)
Courtesan Pippa Chapman
Jude Dineen
Gaoler & Executioner Andrew Gray
Messengers Sarah Bullman, Emily Wright
Officers Nigel Dean, Stefan Charidge, Ian Wheeler

Director Ian Wheeler
Assistant Director Glyn Wright
Stage Management David Wright, Austin Hicks

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