Past Productions

Romeo and Juliet

Friday, 15th July Holly Cottage, Funtley
Saturday, 16th July St Matthew's church, Netley Marsh
Sunday 17th, July The Vine, Hambledon
Wednesday 20th - Friday 22nd, July c17th Village, Little Woodham
Saturday 23rd, July Hill House Farm, Swanmore
Sunday 24th, July
Sandydown Cottage, nr Stockbridge
Thursday 28th, July
Foster Road, Gosport
Friday 29th, July
Nicholson Gardens, Gosport
Saturday 30th, July
Village Field, Wildhern
Sunday 31st, July The Vineyard, Wickham

Rebecca Bartlett/Gina Manners/Emily Wright
Escales, princess of Verona Annette Gillies/Rebecca White
Paris, a young nobleman, kinsman to the princess Phil Hollyman
Page to Paris Rebecca Bartlett/Gina Manners/Emily Wright
Mercutio, kinsman to the princess and a friend to Romeo Rob Spraggs
Lord Montague, head of the house of Montague Andy White/Brian Dell
Lady Montague, wife to Lord Montague Joan Goulding
Romeo, son to Montague
Mark Butler
Benvolia, niece to Montague and a friend to Romeo Sammy Dight
Abraham, servant to Montague Aussie Hicks
Lord Capulet, head of the house of Capulet Nigel Dean/Trevor Page
Lady Capulet, wife to Lord Capulet Cris Lewis
Juliet, daughter to Capulet Elspeth White/Gina Manners
Tybalt, nephew to Capulet Luke Swainston
Nurse to Juliet Carol Hicks
Sampson, servant to Capulet Graham Thomas
Gregory, servant to Capulet John Shillitoe
Peter, servant to Juliet's Nurse Graham Thomas
Page to Lord Capulet James Page
Clown Charlotte O'Toole
Friar Laurence, a Franciscan
Ian Wright
Friar John, a Franciscan Rob Spraggs
An Apothecary
Jill Mason
Citizens of Verona, Kinsfolk of both houses, Maskers, Guards, Watchmen  and Attendants Glyn Wright,
Mark Baines,
Dan and 
members of the cast
John Shillitoe, Graham Thomas and Pat Aird

Director Glyn Wright
Assistant Director Carol Hicks
Director's Assistant/Prompt Jill Mason
Props and Costumes Glyn Wright
Stage Manager/Producer Austin Hicks
Carpentry (Bed making)
Paul Dight
Lighting (at Village)
Phil Nettleton

We took a lot of photos during the run, so click for photographs of the cast taken during performances and also while rehearsing.

Romeo and Juliet

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