Austin Hicks


Aussie Hicks

Aussie Hicks (5.5.53 – 31.3.19)

The Villagers are saddened at the loss of Aussie, one of the founding members of the group. The attached is a short extract from the eulogy which Ian Wright (a fellow founder member) gave at Aussie's funeral. The crematorium was packed, as Aussie had many friends from the many aspects of his life. Ian's words sum up well, the important part Aussie played in the Villagers.

"He was, of course, for many years a vital member, indeed a founder member, of The Villagers Drama Group. Who can forget his ‘Lion’ in a Midsummer Night's Dream. Few of us will ever forget the sight of him in leather trousers, which no-one else was willing to be seen in. Most of the time of course, over more than 30 years, he worked quietly in the background, making things happen. He preferred to stay behind the lights rather than in them, always selfless, always reliable, despite his poor health. The old adage, “the show must go on” could have been written about Aus.

He was a valued and loyal friend, a man of principle, of dignity, great good humour with a zest for life and a generosity of spirit that touched us all. Sadly missed certainly, but never fail to be glad you knew him. We were, and always will be, the lucky ones."