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Friday 16th July Holly Cottage, Funtley
Saturday 17th, July Jervis House, Swanmore
Sunday 18th, July The Vine, Hambledon
Wednesday 21st - Friday 23rd, July c17th Village, Little Woodham
Saturday 24th, July Nicholson Gardens, Gosport
Sunday 25th, July The Vineyard, Wickham

Duke Senior, a banished Duke John Shillitoe
Duchess Frederica, his sister, the usurper Cris Lewis
Amiens, nobleman in attendance on the Duke Ted Fitzgerald
Lord Jaques, nobleman in attendance on the Duke Ian Wright
Oliver, son of Sir Rowland de Boys Matt Dent
Young Jaques, son of Sir Rowland de Boys Elspeth White
Orlando, son of Sir Rowland de Boys Rob Spraggs
Le Beau, a courtier attending on Frederica
Ian Wright
Charles, a wrestler Chris Watt
Adam, servant of Orlando Andy White/Dan Coghlan
Dennis, a servant of Oliver Benedict White/Emily Wright
The Clown, alias Touchstone Nigel Dean
Sir Oliver Mar-text, a minister Andy White/Rebecca Wright
Corin, a shepherd Glyn Wright
Silvius, a shepherd Phil Hollyman
William, a country youth, in love with Audrey Chris Watt
Rosalind, daughter of Duke Senior, later disguised as Gannymede Sammy Dight
Celia, daughter of Duchess Frederica, later disguised as Aliena Sarah Tebbett
Phebe, a shepherdess Charlotte O'Toole
Audrey, a country wench Annette Gillies
Lords, Pages and Attendants Graham Thomas,
Maggie Wilson,
Elspeth White,
Rebecca White,
Pat Aird

Director Ian Wright
Assistant Director Phil Hollyman
Director's Assistant/Prompt Jill Mason
Props and Costumes Glyn Wright
Producer Austin Hicks

As you like it

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