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Merry Wives of Windsor

Welcome to the home page of The Villagers Open Air Shakespeare Group.

'The Villagers are a group of friends who, every summer, accidentally put on a play.'

The Villagers dedicated our 2017 production to our friend Nigel Dean who died on January 22nd.
The Holy Trinity Church in Fareham is arranging a sale of some of Nigel's possessions to help buy a defibrillator in his memory. It will take place on Saturday October 28th, between 10am and 2pm in the church hall in West Street Fareham. Details are here.

Our 2017 production was All's Well that Ends Well           Facebook

All profits from our productions go to locally supported charities. 

In 2017, our performance at Swanmore was to support fundraising for the Ickle Pickle charity for incubators for very young babies. The profits from our other performances went to The 17th Century Village, Rowans Hospice, Holy Trinity Church Defibrulator Fund (in memory of Nigel Dean) and Syria Relief.

The Villagers are based in Gosport in Hampshire, and began life in 1986 with a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream at Little Woodham ('The 17th Century Village').  Every year since we have put on an open air production of one of Shakespeare's plays, in Little Woodham and - in recent years - elsewhere across Southern England.

Our aim is to enjoy ourselves, and to share some of that enjoyment with our audiences; many of them come back every year, so we must be doing something right!  The quote below was kindly sent to us by a first-time member of our audience who watched Macbeth at the 'Village'...

"My husband and I both loved your production....but our two sons were absolutely gripped by it, especially our 13 year old who had never seen Shakespeare live. It couldn't have been a better introduction!"

As the quote at the top of this page shows, we're not a typical drama group, and these pages should hopefully give you an idea of how the Villagers do things. Whether you're a Shakespeare aficionado, looking for an interesting summer evening event, or just curious, the Villagers, and this website, should have something for you.

Register with our mailing list, criticise the website or suggest additions for it, or even join the Group - get in touch and we'll do our best to welcome you into the Villagers family!

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All's Well that Ends Well


All's Well that Ends Well

Merry Wives of Windsor
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